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Insurance Riders

Individuals with Private Insurance, your ride may be covered. In order to find out if Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is covered on your plan, you need to contact you individual insurance broker or review your explanation of benefits.

What to Know When Booking
through Private Insurance

Your Private Insurance may cover rides for eligible individuals to and from the doctor’s office, the hospital, or another medical office. While each insurance carrier's coverage is different, you can view some general information below to help you navigate this process.


 Check your policy to see if non-emergency medical transportation is covered. If the word “transportation” appears anywhere in your coverage, then that means non-emergency medical transportation may be an option for you, and it's important to note there are limits on what types of non-emergency transportation services will be covered.


To ensure your private insurance covers the cost of your ride, you will need to contact your individual insurance broker. Some insurance companies have an online portal, while others may require you to call by phone. It is important to note that when booking through your private insurance, there is no guarantee that your ride will be completed through MedTran.


Navigating insurance can be challenging. The following is a list of links that may be useful to you in determining your eligibility for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

View Glossary of Insurance Terms

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