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Ride with MedTran

At MedTran, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to all of our riders. Our drivers undergo extensive training to ensure that they are knowledgeable and skilled in providing safe and comfortable transportation for riders of all levels of mobility. From ambulatory passengers to those who use a wheelchair or require oxygen tanks, we are equipped to provide specialized care to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Rides Built with YOU in Mind

Meeting you at your mobility level

Our riders range from walking fully independent to wheelchair bound. MedTran drivers undergo a range of training to ensure that riders of all mobility levels feel comfortable and confident riding with us.

Have an Oxygen Tank? We've got you covered

Many of our riders require the use of oxygen. Our vans can accommodate and secure your oxygen tank, ensuring your ride is comfortable from start to finish.

No Need to Travel Alone

Bringing company along with you is simple. MedTran's fully updated vans can accommodate up to two wheelchairs at a time, as well as a third row of seating for additional passengers.

Booking Your Ride
with MedTran

We want your rider experience to be as seamless as possible! Take a look at our process for booking your ride with MedTran to ensure you know what to expect at every stage.

PLEASE NOTE: This process reflects those paying privately. For individuals requesting a ride through Private Insurance or Medicaid, please visit our resource pages to review your own unique process for riding with MedTran.

Complete Our "Request A Ride" Form

Fill out our Request A Ride form. This will trigger our team to review your request and assess the availability of our drivers. You will receive an email confirming that we received your request. 


Please note: payment type is required to complete this form.

Receive a Ride Email Confirmation

Our team will review your ride request. Once we confirm your request fits our parameters and a driver is available during your requested time, you will receive an email confirming your ride with MedTran.

Be Ready for Pick Up at Your Front Door

Your driver will arrive at your door at the designated time. Be ready to be picked up and taken to your destination. Payment is due at time of service. If paying with cash, please bring exact change as our drivers do not carry cash on hand.

Call Our Dispatcher When You Are Ready for Pick Up

When dropped off, your driver will give you a card with a number to call when you are ready to be picked up. Upon receiving your call, our dispatcher will send the first available driver. Thanks to our large fleet, you won't be waiting long!

Paying for Your Ride

Ride Rates

Rates listed below are for rides through private pay. Insurance and Medicaid riders can find more information on the resource pages.


Ambulatory Riders

$20.00 + $3.25/mile (One-way)

$40.00 + $3.25/mile (Round Trip)

Wheelchair-Bound Riders

$40.00 + $3.25/mile (One-way)

$80.00 + $3.25/mile (Hospital Discharge)*

$70.00 + $3.25/mile (Round Trip)

*$40 surcharge to pick up oxygen portable for hospital discharges.

Payment Types

Payment is easy when you ride with MedTran. 

Pay by Card

We accept payment from the following:

Pay by Cash

When paying for your ride with cash, please make sure to bring exact change, as our drivers do not carry cash.

Medicaid & Private Insurance

Individuals using a Medicaid or Private Insurance benefit must book through your independent Broker. Rides cannot be booked directly with MedTran.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you must cancel your ride, please review our cancellation policy below:

Call to Cancel or Reschedule

Call us at 800-550-3782

24+ Hours Notice

Rides can be cancelled with 24 or more hours notice with no fee.

Less than 24 Hours Notice

Any cancellations or rescheduled rides made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee.

The amount of the fee will be equal to 50% of the reserved ride.

Have More

Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for the first time can feel confusing, and we are here to answer any questions you have! Whether you are wondering about requesting a ride, have questions about payments or service areas, or need more information about rider accommodations, our FAQ section can be an incredible resource to reduce the unknowns and get you where you need to go!

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